I am still confident of this:
I will see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living.
Wait for the Lord;
be strong and take heart
and wait for the Lord
Psalm 27: 13-14

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Summer fun...

Well, we are back from a wonderful summer getaway with our sweet friends.  We were off to Kelowna, BC once again this year.  We had gone last year with these same friends, and after our last FET failed we realized there was no reason not to go again this year.  So last minute I booked a condo at the resort we all stay at, booked flights this year (decided to try that route instead of the loooong drive) and began the craziness of packing and prepping.

We left the early evening on the 21st of August.  Our flight had a stop over in Edmonton, AB, and while we were waiting on the plane for additional passengers one of the flight attendants asked if Evan would like to go up to the cockpit and "fly" the plane!

My lil' pilot!

Yes, he was certainly beyond thrilled!!!  Before we even left we had told him about the plane, and he would cry because we said he wasn't going to be allowed to fly it!  Well...this made his day!!

He did SO good!  I was worried as this was his first flight, and worried about his ears, etc.  Yup, the worrier in me was proven to be a fool once more...he was FINE!  He was such a big boy!

When we got to Kelowna we went to pick up our car rental.  While I was dealing with the guy I turned and saw Evan's carry on suitcase, his little Lightening McQueen suitcase that he pulls on his own...but no Evan!  I asked Brett and his face froze...we couldn't see him around us.
Can I just say...that split second of taking your eyes off your child is the worst split second decision in the world when you think of how this could have resulted.  We both went white...but then I looked just a couple feet and Evan was climbing on a carry on weight/measurement scale.
I have never felt so sick in my life.  The thought that someone could have easily had taken our son.  The thought of that moment and feeling still makes me tear up and feel sick to my stomach.  I would have died right there.  Honestly.

ANYHOW, thank God everything was okay.  But we kicked up our usual "watch like a hawk" habits in to high gear!
We got to our condo and started to settle in.  Then went to say hello to our friends and let them know we were there.
Poor Evan was so tired!  But he was so proud of himself because he got to sleep on a futon!  Yup...big boy bed time.  The hunt for a new bed is officially on!

Our 10 days were filled with GLORIOUS sun and heat.  Perfect for swimming at the pool and playing at the beach!!  We had such a wonderful time...and MY little holiday time (me time) was Evan's nap time in the afternoon.  Brett would hang in the condo while Evan slept and I would go and hang out by the pool and get nice and toasty brown!  I DID start out good the first couple of days with going to the gym and doing my Shred video...but then I realized...how much longer was this sun and heat going to last!  What was I doing!  I came to the conclusion that it was okay to give myself a holiday from my workout routine.  Now it's just time to get back in to the routine!!  But, I don't feel too swayed from it with breaking on holiday.  I'm excited to gear up once more!

Our last day we decided to go to the beach and feed the ducks our left over bread.  It was CRAZY!  They were every where!  And sooooooo sweet!!!!  It was a blast, but Evan was not too terribly impressed!  So funny!!

All my ducky friends!

Evan was far from impressed!

Too sweet...they'd just eat right from your hand, and walk across your feet!

Our trip home was another story.  First, we had tried to switch our 10:45am flight to a 7am flight that would have gotten us home by 10:30am.  When I okayed the change charges with the girl on the phone, she put me on hold to get everything started, then came back about 5 minutes later appologizing that the "system" had made a calculation error and it was going to cost more.  When she told me the amount, I said to forget it, we'd keep our original flights.
Well...hindsight...we should have just paid it and gotten home.
Our 2 hour flight (plus a 3 hour layover) ended up taking us 12 hours of airports and 3 flights to get home!  Our layover in Edmonton which was supposed to be 3 hours, turned in to 6 1/2 hours, but then got cancelled and we were all dispersed to different flights.
We finally left Edmonton, got to Calgary and literally went straight on to our next plane when we got off the first one.  And finally got home just before 9pm.
Then Brett's suitcase and golf clubs and Evan's suitcase were lost after it all!  Oiy!
It was almost 11pm by the time Evan got to bed.  He was so tired and just didn't want to sleep alone so I put him on our bed, turned to turn on some music and looked back at him and he was OUT COLD!!!!  TOO funny!!!!

I didn't realize how much I needed to get away as well.  How much I needed to recharge.  How tired I've been.  How much I needed to focus on MY little family.  Now being back home and finding this semi-renewed sense of charge-up...I see just how much I needed it.

Holidays are always odd.  They are awesome, don't get me wrong...but knowing we are missing someone...it can catch you.  That feeling.  That knowledge.  That pang of sadness.  We both felt it.
We wished Zac could be a part of it all with us, like he should have been.

It always hits me especially when I see another family complete with both their twins.  And while I was alone by the pool one day I was greatful for my dark sunglasses and hat as I watched a couple with their twin sons...who would have been about 2 years old as well, swimming together and playing in the pool.  Mom with one son, dad with the other.  Just as Brett and I always enjoyed planning out while I was pregnant with Zac and Evan.
But this time, yes, tears slid down my face...but I was able to watch them for a little bit instead of running to another part of the deck.  And to me, that was a small victory. 

Being away is nice.  It's nice to get to be "hidden" in a sense.  Even though real life is always within you...on holidays it's like you can just let loose and just "BE"!  It is special to get to spend time together with friends and have the kids growing a friendship and bond.  It's nice to be with people you can just have no pretenses with.  Just be real.  Say what's on your mind and know it's okay.  And to laugh with true laughter.
Don't get me wrong...I'm not saying I don't have people at home like this...it's just nice to get to be with friends who aren't in your same city and just know that time doesn't change or hamper friendship.
We love you guys!!

Here are a couple of my highlight pictures...but there are far too many to share!

My little water-bug :)
Warming up in the sun.  Someone needed his shades!

Ah glorious sun!!

My favorite Willow tree at the beach

On a train ride with our buddies!

Beach Bum fun...doesn't it look like they are having fun?!  hee hee hee

Quails Gate Winery.  Grape vine.  Sooo wanted to taste it!

Mommy and Me

More pool time fun!

Snuggle Bugs!

My rock climbing wonder!

My heart and soul!!

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