I am still confident of this:
I will see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living.
Wait for the Lord;
be strong and take heart
and wait for the Lord
Psalm 27: 13-14

Monday, March 14, 2011

The cakes...

Just wanted to share the cakes that I made for the boys for their birth days. 
I was devasted that my camera broke 2 pictures in at the party, and I hadn't taken prior pictures of the cakes even though I made them the day before!  So these are from my phone...and not the greatest quality. 
I am waiting to get pictures emailed to me from others at the party who took photos for me.

Evan's was a 9x13 chocolate slab cake and I free-handed the outline of the jersey, stick, puck and 2, and then piped in all the rest.  It was much easier than I thought it would be...and smaller! 

Zac's was a 2 layer vanilla cake with vanilla icing that I tinted sky blue and sprinkled blue sprinkles all over.  I stensiled out the angel wings on fondant and painted on with concentrated blue food coloring.  Then I just wrote on the fondant the bible verse...with a Sharpie pen!!  hee hee hee. 

I had such a wonderful time focusing on BOTH cakes, and having both cakes there to honor both our sons!

I hope to get some pictures of Evan on his birthday to share.  I am still so broken that I have none on my own camera!  ME, the picture queen!!  Seriously heart breaking!

Well, on the weekend we made a spontaneous trip out to visit some friends.  We got there LATE and Evan had hardly slept in the truck.  Part way there I started to feel stuffed up, and by the time we woke in the morning both Evan and I were hammered with colds!  :(  I haven't had one in a looooong time.  And this is officially Evan's second cold in 2 years (so I guess we are doing "good" in that department).
He was down for a nap but woke in hysterics.  I'm guessing his nose got too plugged.  And he wouldn't go back to sleep on his bed.  He is now crashed beside me on the couch all snuggled up.  I just keep looking over at him and smiling and my heart swells up with love. 

Anyhow, there are the cakes!

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  1. Heather, this is Tina (novatina) from HP. I don't know why I'm just discovering your blog, since I remember you commenting when I lost my baby's twin to miscarriage last year, but I am so blessed by reading it. It's hard to talk about my feelings about Eli without feeling like people think I'm being weird or emotional. It's just so nice that someone understands.

    The cakes are beautiful. Thanks for sharing...and, if you don't mind, I'll be following you now!