I am still confident of this:
I will see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living.
Wait for the Lord;
be strong and take heart
and wait for the Lord
Psalm 27: 13-14

Friday, June 19, 2009

Todays weigh-in and some mommy and Evan pics

Tummy time with my favorite toy
Smooches with mommy
Floor time with mommy
Me and my mommy
In my "I'm a really big deal" onesie. How true how true!!!
So we went and weighed Evan today and he is 7lbs 4.7ou! He is still gaining a textbook ounce a day. Hard to believe when he spits up as much as he does!! I honestly wonder HOW he gains weight at all! But he is, so that's all that matters.
He enjoys his floor time, and we are working on tummy time. He has a strong neck and likes to look around. It's pretty cool to watch!
Today I took some "self portraits" of me and Evan, and some pics of Evan.
It's hard to look at Evan and see how well he is doing, yet have the constant reminder of how careful we still have to be with him!! His immune system is still that of a preemie, and a simple cold can turn to RSV...and to a preemie that can be deadly. I'm constantly washing my hands when handling him, and nervous at the thought of him out and about. I will constantly have hand sanitizer with me, because no one can know what germs are on their hands...and we have been through too much with Evan to risk something as simple as not having clean hands.
I've been reading a really good book on parenting a preemie and it has really helped to validate some of my concerns and fears, and help me put other fears in check. But Evan is too priceless to worry about offending anyone by asking them to wash their hands. I guess when you've lived the NICU experience and have such a fragile life in your hands, nothing is too trivial.
I feel sad in some ways because this hinders me on being able to be at bigger family gatherings and I miss seeing my own niece and nephew when they are dealing with a cold.
Nothing has been typical with Evan and will continue to be that way...for a year or two. And I guess it is just another sense of loss in not being able to enjoy the pleasures of a healthy full term baby. I am so grateful that not many people have to deal what we deal with. I am SOOOOOOOOOOO grateful for my newest nephew due any day now...that he will be born healthy and strong!
But being confinde to home is a small price to pay for such a precious gift as Evan. I might be going stir crazy, but it's all about this little person who is relying on me to be his advocate to keep him safe and healthy. And I know I won't be able to protect him from everything all the time, but for now I can do the best that I can.
Anyhow, enjoy the pictures!!! I know I enjoyed taking them!!! OH, at one point Evan ALMOST spat up right in my mouth!!!!!!! It hit my cheek instead, thank goodness! That would have been NAAAAASTY!!!!


  1. Adorable pics! :) What a cute pair you are! Caleb spit up in Chucks mouth once, it was So gross! LOL I am glad Evan is doing so well...I am sure it is hard being stuck at home. Lifting you up in prayer as you enjoy your sweet boy (HE IS JUST SOOO CUTE!) and praying for your heart as you miss Zac.

  2. Such a beautiful boy....with such a beautiful mummy :} I love seeing your blog updates Heather, although I realize I'm coming to this one a little late! Wonderful to see Evan filling out, although I realize it must be difficult to have to take so many special precautions with him which other mum's take for granted. Hope you're not going too stir crazy being at home and having to limit your outdoor time with Evan. You're a wonderful mum to such a precious little boy. He really is a beautiful baby.....as was Zac, who we will never forget.

    Much love to you all!

    Hugs too,

    P.S. I sent you something a loooong time ago and it was returned only this week, b/c I'd sent it to the....US!! I'm SO sorry, my head was all over the place, how could I make such a big (almost unforgivable, haha) mistake!! On it's way to CANADA now (embarassed smiley)xxx