I am still confident of this:
I will see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living.
Wait for the Lord;
be strong and take heart
and wait for the Lord
Psalm 27: 13-14

Friday, July 10, 2009

Update on Evan

OK, I'm typing one-handed here, so forgive any spelling mishaps! On Monday Evan had his assessments at the Alvin Buckwold Development Program. He was seen by three people all at once, a speech-language pathologist, a physiotherapist and an occupational therapist. Evan is assessed based on his corrected age on one month, not by his birth age because developmentaly he is technically one month. All three ladies were more than happy with Evan's development and no one has any concerns at this point. He is doing all (and then some) of what a one month old should be doing. He will continue to be tracked monthlt for the first while, and then a bit less frequently after that. They continue to watch closely the first year or two to ensure the kids are on track with developmental milestones, and so they can catch quickly any lags to correct quicker. So it's pretty good to know he will be watched closely. But it was nice to hear that they were so happy with where he is at. Then on Wednesday we had a follow up appointment with one of the neonatologists. He was really happy with how Evan is doing too, so he didn't have any concerns. He was sure to remind us though that with preemies, especially as early as Evan and Zac were, can still develop "problems" even though they receive a clean bill of health. But just as quickly commented that they don't HAVE to, but it can happen. So it was another reminder for the back of the mind. But he again said that at this point Evan is in the normal range for his one month corrected age (again, with these appointments they gauge by corrected age) and that he is really pleased with how he's doing. He also asked how we are doing with the loss of Zac, and he was really encouraging and supportive. He said that it's so good that we have pictures of Zac so that Evan can see him and know of his twin brother, and how important that will be. I had a really hard time keeping it together. It was tough, as it always is to move to another phase of life without Zac here. I miss my little guy. And I'm so happy with how Evan is doing...and that is what Zac fought so hard for. I couldn't be more proud of both my boys!! We will have to be careful with Evan again in the fall/winter with colds, etc. Evan will be vaccinated in November for RSV, but we will most likely be back in more of a hibernation mode and the cautions will rise again (not like they've lowered though!) The Audiologist was away on Wednesday so Evan's hearing test has to be rescheduled, but neither Dr.Wonko or the occupational therapist had concerns because they saw him responding, and so do we. Evan is losing his NICU ability to sleep through any noise...he's getting a bit more sensitive and notices noise more now that he is home. I had hoped that would never happen so that he wouldn't become sensitive to noise. Here's hoping some of that remains! The dietician following Evan wants to see him taking 4ou of formula a day between his 2 supplemented feeds. That's tough because the formula upsets his tummy. I've started trying to do 1.5 ounces within his bottle feeds (I need to get him to 2ou each bottle), and he has been more fussy, but I think he will slowly adapt to it. I just keep him more upright after his feeds and give him some Ovol and that seems to help. He just had a bottle about an hour ago and he has been melted butter sound asleep in my arms since!! He is getting heavy!! He was weighed on Wednesday and is up to 8lb 10ou!! I better start lifting weights again to get my arms strong and in shape. It's time to try to get back into the fitness routine!! Anyhow, that is the latest update on Evan!! Prayer request would be that his health would continue to remain well, his immune system would get stronger and stronger, that he will not be a preemie with later onset issues, his development would continue on this awesome path and that he will be able to tolerate the increase in his formula and that it won't upset his tummy. Thanks everyone!

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