I am still confident of this:
I will see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living.
Wait for the Lord;
be strong and take heart
and wait for the Lord
Psalm 27: 13-14

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Update on Evan...

Lets start with Wednesday. Evan had his regular NICU follow up. Everything is great. He is in the 75% percentile for height and head circumfrence and is 25% percentile for weight. This is based on his corrected age again. He is still considered 8 months corrected. And he is weighing in at 19 pounds 8 ounces. He is also charting well at his uncorrected age, so I was pleased with that. His dietician said he is able to start being introduced to cooked egg yolk and nut butters (ie, peanut butter, almond) and fish. So that will be fun! I'm a talapia lover, well, I love any fish...so hopefully he will too. He also had a follow up hearing test and did awesome, so there are no concerns there. So we don't have to go back for another check up until June sometime!! He is up on all fours trying to figure out how to move forward, but does well scooting backwards. He is forever putting himself in sitting position. He has had a few face plants with some cute bruises on his forehead to prove it! But he is really doing well! Now...the not so fun part! Friday morning (as in just after midnight) Evan woke up just crying inconsolably. Brett had gone to check on him but he just wasn't settling down. Turns out Evan had thrown up all over his bed, and as Brett had him on the change table he was continuing to throw up. My poor little guy threw up until 2am!! By that time I had already done 4 loads of laundry and had a bath with Evan to try to rid him of the smell of puik! Then from 2am-4am Evan finally fell sound asleep in my arms in an upright position while I sat in our bed. So that is how I stayed until I felt confident he wouldn't throw up if I layed him down again. He stayed in his playpen beside our bed. He did good for the rest of the night. Then got up and was hungry so I gave him a bottle of which he drank 5 ounces...and immediately proceeded to throw it up all over the both of us. By this time I was feeling sick as well...so I had to quickly hand him off to Brett so I could make a mad dash for the bathroom! Half an hour later Evan was able to take another 3 ounces of formula and kept it down...until later that day. My mom came to help out as I was just so wiped out and feeling pretty rough myself. Evan and I both slept for almost 3 hours yesterday afternoon. I woke up to Evan puiking on my mom! So I cleaned myself up and took Evan to my doctors after-hours walk in clinic and saw one of the doctors there. He said that Evan seemed good...no off normal tummy sounds or tension. Figures it is just a bug that needs to be watched and rode out. Just to keep offering Evan formula or water and letting him take what he wanted but not too much at each time. No worries there...4 ounces is the most he'll take right now. But more often. So that's okay. He threw up a couple more times later last night, but then did fine during the night. Got up a couple times but was happy to have his soother in his mouth. He got up around 8 this morning, and we've been doing the smaller bottles. He seemed really good first thing this morning and was like his old self, but as the day has gone on he has been a bit more upset again. But no puiking. PHEW! It is so tough to watch him sick. It has been my worst fear for him to get ill. Any child would make me nervous from illness...but especially Evan with all he has been through. I knew it was inevitable and that at some point he would indeed come down with something, but it was sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo sad to watch him as he would throw up and then just start crying in fear and in discomfort!! I started crying right along with him!! It was awful. Thank goodness there was no fever. But I'm still keeping a close eye on him. Funny how that as careful as we are with him and those around him...he was still bound to get sick. I know we can't place him in a bubble, but Evan and I are hardly out in the public...which is maybe why they few times we have to be it is easier for our immune systems to get hit. I just feel so bad for him!!!! I tried to give him some cereal this afternoon and on his second bite he started to gag...so we threw the rest out. It's tough watching this guy who LOOOOOOVES his food not be able to eat anything!! Evan was supposed to have his 4th round of his RSV shots yesterday morning, but we rescheduled that!! Well, I am going to sign off now. Evan has been sleeping for almost an hour, and I am going to try lay down for what remains of his nap. I'm still feeling really weak myself! Please pray for Evan and for myself for complete healing and that Evan's appetite would be restored soon. Also pray that Brett is spared this bug!! He has such a busy week at work and can't afford to get hit with this! Thanks everyone.


  1. Ohhh praying for Evan (and for you and your DH!) (((hugs)))

  2. Stomach bugs are the WORST!! I hate throwing up and it's SO sad to watch a little one go through it!! Prayers for your recovery and getting your strength back!!!!

  3. I am just seeing this! I hope and pray all of you are well and healed quickly!