I am still confident of this:
I will see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living.
Wait for the Lord;
be strong and take heart
and wait for the Lord
Psalm 27: 13-14

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Me and my mom...and a few updates

Had some fun with some self portraits. Evan humored me by posing ever so nicely!!
"Awww geez mom...enough already!"
"Look at me, I'm a turtle!!"
Evan kept making this shocked looking face, so I decided to join in. He keeps trying to focus on the red-eye reduction light and goes cross eyed every time!! Too funny once I realized this!!
"mmmmm, good toes!!" Yoga pose "forward-folding-suck-on-toe".
Evan was a sport and we had some fun doing some self portraits. He totally "gets" the camera and is always ready for action!
Quick updates on Evan. Evan turned 5 mths (corrected age) on October 28th and will be 8 mths (uncorrected) on the 6th of this month. Wow...time is flying!!!! I had Evan weighed on Monday at his appointment with his physio and OT and he is now 15lbs 7 3/4 ounces. He is definately hitting his plateau for big gains, but is still on track. He is loving his chicken when he gets that and is now figuring out that rice cereal is no where near as good as actual food! It's very funny! I'm going to introduce lamb next, but can't find a lamb roast ANYWHERE, and the only leg of lamb I could find was this massive hunk for $33.00!!! I don't think I need that much! So I'll do a bit more investigating. He is TOTALLY aware of how "unfair" it is now when he sees us eating and he has to suck down a bottle or eat his mush!! I think once he can get in to finger foods it is going to be hilarious!!
This morning my wonderful mother came to keep me company while I had Evan's H1N1 shot done. What we DIDN'T expect was that we were going to be kept waiting in the cold in a MASSIVE line up! I felt so bad for all the little kids screaming because they were cold or tired. We were pretty shocked. Fortunately Evan was quite cozy in his car seat in the stroller all bundled and covered in blankets!! Now, me and my mom weren't quite so prepared, so I left her and Evan in line and I flew home to get a few warmer jackets and blankets for us. I swear I'm STILL trying to thaw!!!! Once we got in to the building things moved quickly. We were just relieved to have gotten the vaccination for Evan and to have it done with. We got there at 9:15am and didn't leave the building until after noon!! Now seeing on the news how if we had waited until later this afternoon we would have been in and out...ugh!!! But I think there were a lot of nervous parents about the availability of vaccine.
Evan did GREAT!! A few moments of tears, but then was totally distracted by all the people...and back to his smiling silly self!
Next on the list...me and Brett.
I got Evan a high chair today and tried him out in it. Was he EVER proud of himself!!!!! And it's nice for me to have a spot just for him instead of in his bumbo chair on my ever-disheveled kitchen table!
Prayer request: Please keep praying for Evan during this flu/cold/RSV/H1N1 season. This is his first, and it's very nerve-wracking for us as parents of a preemie. We have to be very diligent around him and our outings will be taking a huge cut-back. But that's okay! He is worth every moment. His RSV vaccinations start November 20th, and he receives one shot a month for 5 months. Poor kid!! He must feel like a pin cushion! But it's for his own good. Whatever it takes to keep him well. And please keep me in your prayers too that I will not live in fear of what "could" happen. I still have that fear of the floor falling from under me if I start to get too "comfortable" so I always feel guarded.
Well, I should go and finish sterilizing bottles and cleaning toys!! It would be nice to get to bed early for once!!

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