I am still confident of this:
I will see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living.
Wait for the Lord;
be strong and take heart
and wait for the Lord
Psalm 27: 13-14

Friday, September 24, 2010

Cold number one...

Well, Evan got his first official cold. Last Thursday at 11:25pm (yes...I know it to the minute because that's when everything hit the fan!) Evan woke up crying so hard that he couldn't calm down. So I sat with him in my lap over the bath tub, and he threw up. He wasn't sick with the flu...just really worked up. I think he got super congested (keep in mind he had no prior symptoms, and this hit all at once) and must have not been able to get a good breath or ability to clear his throat and got scared. I can feel for him...I know what it feels like to be that stuffed up.
Needless to say I was up all night with him. He had a couple rough nights the previous 2 nights, so I was already exhausted...but this night kicked me in the butt and the I started to feel sick to my stomach because I was so tired.
We were supposed to be having family pictures by the river that Friday morning, but I had to cancel. Evan was just in no shape. Between his hacking and runny nose, and my puffy eyes and dry heaving...I don't think we would have been the best sight in our photos!!
Then Saturday morning Evan woke up really struggling to breathe properly and sounded very rattly...and my fear kicked in and so we packed up and off we headed to little peds ER. Evan is still higher risk for RSV and I know the signs to watch for...but I wanted him checked regardless. And since it is officially high risk RSV season (until May!) there was NO WAY I was going to take any chances. And I'm glad we went. He did get a liquid steriod to help open up his airways, but otherwise the doctor was happy with his breathing and chest sounds. And I felt MUCH better having taken the precaution of going!! I will never EVER allow myself to think I'm being too over cautious...there is no such thing with Evan!!
Evan and I had a couple of more rough nights after that, but finally Evan was able to get a full nights sleep...and I couldn't have been more relieved...for both of us!
He is still congested and has a runny nose, but he is doing good! Busy as ever. Nothing really slows him down.
His latest thing is pretending to go potty and having to pull one square of toilet paper off to "wipe" and then throws it in the toilet. I bought a potty trainer seat for the toilet and have been putting him on time to time, but during the day he will pull it out and sit on it and grunt away. It is PRICELESS!!
He is also becoming quite possessive of his mommy. The other day I was holding him and Brett came to hug me and Evan started pushing Brett away and making this distressed "aaarrrggghhh" sound. The more Brett tried to hug me, the more angry Evan got. And then he would rest his head on my shoulder and go "ahhhhhhhh". SOOOOO FUNNY!!!!!! He is SUCH a character!!!!!!
What would I ever do without my son? The sad thing is...I know the reality of that statement.
But my days with Evan are filled to overflowing with love and laughter.
I follow other blogs, and I'm always blown away by the comments and encouragement others post the writer of the blog after their entries. Sometimes I feel jealous because I wish I had the same. Yet, I know life is busy, and really ultimately as long as people have been touched, then that's what matters. Not everyone is able to post something. And maybe some really have nothing to say. And that's okay too!
HOWEVER...I would love to give a shout-out to my precious pal Lori, who faithfully posts a comment and encouragement and support to me. When I see that 1 comment at the end of my entry...I know it will be Lori :) So to you my dear friend...thank you!!! It means the world to me!!
And to those of you who continue to follow along with me...I thank you too!!!!
There are days where I wonder why I keep up with my blog. And days where I really want to refocus and start being an encouragement to others, while still being real and vulnerable.
So, I will carry on. Maybe not as much as I used to, but I will keep going.
Well, it's late and Brett is off to his hockey game and Evan is sleeping soundly...and I have The Real Housewives of New York on TV. Ya, I'm a sucker for mindless TV that I can just laugh at!! But I think it's time to try and catch up on some desperately needed sleep, so time to shut everything down!!
I will be posting soon about something called Pregnancy and Infancy Loss Walk for Remembrance and Hope that will be happening in Moose Jaw on October 2.
October 15th is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day...a day that has become all too familiar to me in the loss of 3 of our 4 babies. Since finding this event...I am thinking I want to participate in it. Hopefully things will work out.
If you are at all interested, the sight is www.October15th.com.
Well, time to shut down.
Night night all!
And sweet dreams to all my little ones. xoxo


  1. So sorry that Evan has come down with a cold. Sick little ones are always so sweet, yet so tiring. I understand you rushing him to the ER, also. I have found that I am quicker off the mark when Colton or Ethan are sick. \
    Hope your weekend is well.

  2. Your posts are often so touching and so well thought out I usually am at a loss for words :) I am reading though. Big hugs. I hope your little guy gets better fast! I hate the feeling of being so helpless when Owen is sick.

  3. Heather, even though I rarely comment, I love following your blog and hearing about your beautiful family, those with you and those in the arms of the Lord. Take care!

    -EmilyBatt from HP