I am still confident of this:
I will see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living.
Wait for the Lord;
be strong and take heart
and wait for the Lord
Psalm 27: 13-14

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

This and that...

Popsicle break during a cold...note to self...do not give before bed time!! Oiy vay! Evan and his pal Bailey "Now...how can I climb this thing!!!"
Feeding the animals at the zoo! Weeeeeeee!
This is what I love about fall! The amazing colors!!!
So again, my blog is hit and miss for keeping the spacing and paragraphs that I insert...so if it isn't correct...sorry...I don't know how to fix it!
Anyhow, updates first. Evan is doing much better after his cold. I have to say that not a lot gets this little guy down!! He was still full force during his cold. However, he has become a MASTER at blowing his own nose, and then throwing away the kleenex in the garbage. BUT, I am going to have a large stock of kleenex in the house as he now thinks he should blow his nose every two seconds. It's so funny!
On Sunday we headed to the Forestry Farm before the weather turned too cold to enjoy it. But the weather has been AMAZING!!!! Warm, sunny and wonderful! So the day at the Forestry Farm was perfect! Evan just ran and ran and ran and was so proud of himself. Poor Grandma J must have been wiped right out chasing after him!
OH, and the picture with the popsicle...ya...I learned not to ever give this to Evan before bedtime. He DEVOURED the whole thing in no time and got so mad if I tried to hold the stick for him. BUT...he was WIIIIIIIIRED after it!! It took me almost 2 hours to settle him down for bed. But it was hilarious. So I wasn't stressed about it!
Yesterday morning we had our family photos finally! It took us three tries before getting them done...but when you are working with the weather...it's out of your hands.
We had a great time, but do you think Evan would crack a smile?!! No way! He was totally GQ all the way!!! I think Lisa was able to catch a few smiles along the way though! He is such a stinker :) I can't WAIT to see them!!!!!!
And yesterday afternoon Evan had his 18 month immunizations. ARGH, does that ever break my heart. Why does something that is to protect your child have to be painful!? :( Three needles in the arm. Booooo. But he was such a trooper. The third was the most painful but the tears faded quickly and the nurses even got a kiss blown to them by Evan as we left.
But his poor arms were sore the rest of the day, and last night was a bit restless from his discomfort. He is down for a nap now. And really, I should be taking the opportunity to shower and get ready...but nah. I'm enjoying my coffee (my very strong coffee) and updating all you :)
Today feels like a "stronger" day. Yesterday was tough with family pictures. The first time we did family pics with Evan I fought the whole time not to break down. The agony of missing Zac was more than I could bare.
And yesterday the familiar ache was ever present.
When Zac passed away I was given a teddy bear in his remembrance, and in remembrance of this ladies daughter who also passed away...and I've kept that bear tucked safely out of reach so that nothing would ever happen to it.
But in our pictures last year we did a little somthing with a pose that we knew had to do with Zac. This year, I brought that beautiful bear and we did a pose with this bear included...and the ache didn't tear me a part so much. Just having it there, and knowing the meaning of it...it helped me.
I can't wait to see that picture.
Well, I know my time is limited with Evan's nap, so I think I'm going to sign off for now and go quickly get ready.
Hoping everyone has a good day today!

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  1. Oh my, that popsicle picture is adorable!!! His face is like, "THIS ROCKS!"

    I'm sorry that the pictures still stung, but I guess we both know they always will and I'm grateful for you that the ache wasn't as heartwrenching...always there, but at least a teeny bit more gentle.

    Love the pictures (our leaves aren't quite there yet!) and can't wait for the family pictures!