I am still confident of this:
I will see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living.
Wait for the Lord;
be strong and take heart
and wait for the Lord
Psalm 27: 13-14

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

WE ARE HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!

Our final departure from the hospital!
Walking out the NICU unit for the last time!
Happy to be going home!
In my carseat heading home! Look how tiny I am in here!
YAAAAAAAAAAAAA, I get to go home!!
Well everyone, our little bean is home!! On Monday we finally got the final word that Evan was able to be discharged. His repeat bloodwork showed everything normal. Unfortunate that they had delayed the surgery, but we are dealing with it. It's the only thing that hinders complete elation of having Evan home. The "burden" of being "doctors" to Evan's hernias. Ugh. His surgery has been scheduled for May 21st. Please pray for this day. I'm really nervous about everything and it is looming. Nervous about the people who I have to entrust my childs care too, and to deal with being on little peds instead of NICU. At least in NICU I knew all the nurses and residents and they all LOVED Evan. But what can you do!
Monday night was funny. Poor Evan was all off schedule with his feeds but we sorted through it. Last night he decided he wanted to be wide awake at 4am for 2 hours. How funny!! I just burned out and asked Brett to take over and give him a bottle so that I could sleep for a little while. Brett is AMAZING with being right in there. He is such an awesome daddy!
Today Evan had a big day. At 1pm he had his first immunization shots! Poor little guy!! He did well though. We also weighed him and he has hit the 5 pound mark! SWEET!
Brett does Evan's hernia reductions (pushes them back up in to their appropriate areas) and tonight he felt that they were much more swollen and difficult to reduce, so off to Peds ER we went. They were all very helpful and gracious to us. I was in tears the whole time. Just really tired, and really worried about his hernias and the possible complications that could arise from them prior to surgery.
As amazingly happy as we were to take our final steps out the NICU doors, it was bitter sweet one again. It hurt so much walking out those doors without Zac. And it was sad to say good bye to some of the nurses I've become close with, and with a couple of the NICU moms that became real support systems. It will take some adjusting for me to realize life without these people.
But it is so nice to just be home!
We are loving every minute with Evan. The dogs just adore him! When Evan cries they get so concerned and just sit by his bed.
Evan's bedroom has been pretty much completed. I just have a wall stensil to do and to hang some pictures. But Evan sleeps in our room right now in his travel lite pack n' play. It's perfect!
Monday night we had to sleep with a lamp on and the TV on all night. Evan is used to all the noise and commotion of the NICU so the quiet and the dark are foreign to him!! It will be an adjustment for him!
We are finding out groove and I am TRYING to sleep when Evan sleeps but it's tough! Tonight Evan has been sleeping quite a bit and not really hungry because of his vacinations. It feels worrisome with him not eating as well, but the nurse said that's common. So hopefully tomorrow he will make up for tonight! He's had such a big day today he needs all the sleep he can get!
PLEASE continue to pray for little Evan and his hernias. Please pray for the right surgical team and anasthesiologist to be on that day. Please pray that he will have a wonderful team of nurses during his recovery, and that his recovery will be quick with little pain or set backs.


  1. (TONS of HAPPY tears!!!!!!!!) I am so excited to see Evan has come home! (MORE happy tears!!!!!) He is soooooo cute! I am so glad that you are getting adjusted to Evan being HOME! How AWESOME! Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!! I will be praying for Evan's surgery and medical team. Hugs to you!!!!!!

    Kristina in GA

  2. Yeahhhhh! Oh, I am so happy for you two & I can't wait to see the nursery you've created for him....I can just imagine it is very stylish. I have a little welcome home present for Evan so let me know when you've got your self settled into a routine & I'll drop it off.

  3. Speechless!!

    I am beyond thrilled that your Evan is home, but still sad that Zac is not here with you.

    Many hugs & prayers!


  4. YAY! So happy that Evan is home. What a great feeling that must be. It is awesome not having to be up at the NICU all the time I bet. I am so unbelievably happy for all of you. Continuing to pray for Evan and his surgery. :)

  5. I am so delighted for you and Brett at Evan's homecoming, yet as I look at your beautiful pictures of a momentous day in your lives as parents, I feel incredibly sad and heartbroken for you that where there should have been two carseats, little Zac's is missing. I hurt along with you that you had to walk out of the NICU, having been through such immense pain and the heartache of having to bury your precious Zac. I will never know why you have had to endure so much, yet I pray with all my heart that Evan will come through his pending surgery with no complications and continue to grow strong and healthy.

    I also pray that God will impart His strength to you and Brett when you have none, when you feel at the end of your resources and are spent, that you will know the peace, arms and nearness of our God, at times when heaven seems so silent. You are so loved my friend and you were such an icredible blessing and comfort to me when we lost our twins in December.

    Something you said to me in a letter at a time when I could barely breathe for grief, yet which uplifted me immensely. I hope you don't mind me sharing your own words here, but I pray that you are able to take comfort from them, because I mean every word back to you:

    "I ache deeply for you, but I know God will help you through this, so long as you keep going to Him. He sees your tears, grief and sorrow and He weeps with you"

    Thank you for pointing me back in the direction of God when I had literally come to the end of my resources. Praying that God will always be enough for you in whatever you face.

    Much, much love and many prayers.


  6. Congrats on your beautiful, long-awaited homecoming! I will be praying for your heart as you await Evan's surgery and grapple with life at home with Evan, but without Zac. I pray that the Lord will give you the strength to rejoice in Him, in the midst of your fatigue, tears and smiles.

  7. OH how he has grown! THRILLED that Evan is home where he belongs! Praying for you as you continue the journey of joy and sorrow! HUGS! GREAT PICS!!!!!!