I am still confident of this:
I will see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living.
Wait for the Lord;
be strong and take heart
and wait for the Lord
Psalm 27: 13-14

Monday, April 19, 2010

Worst birthday card message EVER!!!!!!! :(

So, today is my husband's birthday. Yes, we are 3 days apart. Which is kind of fun! But earlier Evan and I went card shopping and as I was looking through cards for a dad, I pulled one out and started to read and something inside me was yelling STOP, DON'T READ THIS ONE!!!! And I should have listened. The outside said "Count your blessings dad... and the inside read the WORST most HORRID message I could have EVER read!!!! The inside said "I could have been twins". Even typing that out gives me the very same feeling I felt as I read that card. I stood there frozen. I could feel my body go weak and ice cold. I could feel myself wanted to rip the card to shreds and run out of the store with Evan and just scream. Instead, I felt myself die a little more inside. I felt myself wanting to track down the "writer" of this "card" and say...did you ever consider the hurting person who has LOST a twin?? I know I know...to that person this message was "cute" and "funny" and meant to be enjoyed. I found it offensive, thoughtless and brutally painful. I don't care who thinks I'm being over sensitive about this. Whatever, think what you want. But to me...a person whose twin son died in her arms...this card should be burned. I'm livid, I'm frozen, I'm broken all over again by reading that. And WHY would I have to be the one to pull out that STUPID card????? Why would I have to pull out the very card that would break my heart to a million MORE pieces?? Why, when I was looking for a sweet loving card from Evan to his daddy would I pull out a card that reminded me that Evan in a twin-less brother, and Brett is a twin-less daddy, and I am a twin-less mommy?? So for this year, Evan's name beside mine on my card to Brett will suffice. STUPID, DUMB, THOUGHTLESS, CARELESS, INSENSITIVE card writer...who ever you are...THINK NEXT TIME YOU THINK YOUR CARD WOULDN'T DEVASTATE A HUMAN HEART!! There is being cute and sarcastic cute...but how would it be a blessing not to be a twin. I guess to the singleton parent...maybe. But to parents who lost three of their four twins...this was not cute. OK OK, I can just feel my blood boiling now, so I'm going to stop now and try to walk away and forget I ever read this horrid, evil card. Here's a prayer request. It isn't for me. It's for my mom. She has the flu and is really wiped out. Could you (whoever you are) pray that she will begin to feel restored and healthy and that this bug will leave her system completely. And pray that my dad would be spared this bug also. Thanks. On that note, I'm going to sign off. I had TWO realtors show up unexpectedly today and my house was slightly disorganized. I was a bit choked by the one this afternoon because I had JUST put Evan down for his nap and he was barely asleep when the realtor when to the lockbox on our garage door and created a huge bark-fest from my dogs...resulting in Evan waking up crying and taking me an extra hour to get him back to sleep. This is so hard on Evan. Part of me wishes we could just move to the new house now and the realtors could show up at my house whenever they want. But with Evan and with living here...I NEED at LEAST a half days notice for a viewing! It's so unfair to Evan to have to constantly be uprooted and thrown off his routine. Yet I want to be accomodating because we NEEEEEEED to sell our house!!!!! So I had this second group leave for a bit and come back so I could FLY through my house and re-tidy it and make my bed and clean up bottles while trying to get Evan back to sleep! Yoiks! OH WELL!!! As long as it sells the house! Well, I'm off to catch up on some laundry.


  1. Poor sweet friend...my heart broke for you reading that and imagining how you must have felt when you read it. I know people think they are being funny, but only because they don't stop and think things through--and aren't grateful for the miracle of every life.
    I'm so, so sorry for you dear one.

    I will definitely pray for your mom and her feeling better, as well as your dad for not catching the bug. I also hope that house SELLS so our boy can get back to HIS routine!!!

  2. Oh! am sorry to hear this..the creator will help you..@bose