I am still confident of this:
I will see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living.
Wait for the Lord;
be strong and take heart
and wait for the Lord
Psalm 27: 13-14

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Our miracles have arrived...

Well everyone, here is the big announcement...our sons were born Friday, March 6. Zac was born first at 10:51pm, and Evan was born at 10:52pm. Zac is 2lb 5ou and 15 3/4 inches long and Evan 2lb 9ou and 15 inches long. How it all happened was very scary... I had gone home on a day pass Friday. I slept for hours, and then finally decided to get up and have a shower before heading back to the hospital. Well, I went to the bathroom and found I was bleeding rather badly. We got in the car in record time and I had called ahead first to my nurses to let them know what was happening and to be ready for me. When we got to the hospital I was immediately hooked up to the fetal monitor. Heart rates were good. I was checked and found to be 1-2 cm dialated and contracting pretty regularly. The res OB did an ultra sound and things seemed ok. But then when we got down to the assessment ward things changed quickly and rapidly. Zac's heart rate went really high and then just as quickly dropped way too low. The OB on call instantly had the OR open and prepare for me...we were going in. There was no time to really prep me. It turned in to an emergency c-section and our little Zac was in trouble. I've never been so terrified in my life. I was put right out as there was no time to do the epidural. So I went to sleep scared beyond belief and then waking up just bawling and bawling. I was in quite a bit of pain too! I had been given Oxytocin to contract my uterus so each time I'd get a contraction I felt like I was being torn apart. So the wonderful Morphine began. It took a while to feel managaged. I did not get to see our sons last night. Brett did though. So we have lots of pictures. This morning my parents had come to help clear out my room and prepare to move me. I slept for a few hours throughout the night but was still exhausted. This morning my nurse came in to the room and told Brett and I that the NICU dept said we should get down there. I lost it immediately. I knew this was not good news. And was beyond terrified. I figured we were going to be told that we needed to say goodbye. But as we got down there, yes, Zac was struggling, but eventually pulled up a bit. Evan has been doing great. Our boys have stolen the show with the NICU nurses!! Brett and I were just down in NICU and Evan is doing really well. We went over to visit with Zac and were told that he is struggling with his blood pressure. He was trying to open his eyes as we talked with him!! Amazing!! But for the most part he just pretty much lays there. He has been through SOOOOO much!! He is truly a fighter. I ask everyone to PLEASE pray for our little guys!!!!! Zac especially!! He is fighting so hard, and I will not let him go without the biggest fight of my life ever!! We are exhausted...me especially. It feels so wierd to be laying here in bed and knowing that my boys are no longer within me, but upstairs. The NICU staff is amazing! I've really appreciated that!! I am beyond tired through. But fight sleep. Although tonight I don't think it will happen!! Anyhow, it may be quiet here for a little while as I try to regain some strength and spend time with our little ones. God, you have provided such amazing and precious miracles for up up to this point. And I pray with everything in me to spare both our sons any complications. I pray for little Zac and his precious little lungs, I pray that his blood pressure will not be an issue tomorrow. I pray for continued miracles to happen though this little boys life...our son. I pray that he will just really fight hard to pull through and that through all of this the NICU nurses and doctors will just be blown away. I thank you for the people whom you have in charge of them! Help Brett and I to rest...me especially. I pray that my incision will become tolerable without pain. That I won't have to rely on the morphine. Well everyone, I am absolutely beat...so I am going to sign off. We will try to post a couple of pictures of the boys. They are toooooo cute!!!


  1. Congratulations, Heather and Brett! I can't believe that they're here! Heather, I sent you a package the other day - but it didn't make it into Friday's mail. It's probably been sitting at the post office and is waiting for a Monday delivery. If I had known that Zac and Evan were already here, I would have sent you a card of congratulations! Luckily, I did send something for the boys - but it's probably too big for them still! I am praying for you and your entire family - a family of 4! Wow!
    Love in Christ,
    Kristina in GA

  2. Heather-I had a feeling I would be reading this very soon....call it a hunch. I am PRAYING so hard for you and for the boys....especially your little fighter Zac. Congrats on your boys. I cannot wait to see pictures of them. I look forward to reading the updates soon.


  3. Once again I am in tears at how God is just keeping His hand on little Zac!

    Praying for each of you.

  4. Congratulations!!!
    Rejoicing with you in the birth of your miracles (though my heart aches for you in the terror of your ordeal) and praying for you and these dear little fighters.
    Dear Lord, I ask you hand upon Brett and Heather's hearts. Please bring restoring rest and healing to Heather's weary body. Please flood both of their hearts with your peace that passes understanding, overwhelming and sustaining joy for every milestone crossed, and strength for every hurdle ahead.
    Father, I thank you for the amazing reports for Evan. I pray that you continue to grow and sustain him, protecting him from the set-backs common to the NICU and simply giving his body the time mature as it would if he were still inside Heather.
    And Lord, for Zac, we thank you for the amazing journey you have already sustained him through. We pray your added blessing of strength, healing and time to reach maturity. We pray for his blood pressure to stabalize. We pray for his lungs to thrive outside the womb. We pray for his brain and other organs to be strengthened and protected moment by moment and day by day.
    Father, please guide the hands and decisions of every doctor or nurse participating in the care of Zac, Evan and Heather. You know all of their bodies need your touch in a significant way right now, so we ask you, as our Great Physician, to undertake for them all.
    In the name of You Son Jesus,

    Will be watching for updates Heather. Thank you for posting to HP!

  5. Congratulations Heather!! I am praying hard for you and your boys. Praying that you will be able to rest and for good pain relief. Praying for both boys, but especially for little Zac.

  6. I am posting again to say "AMEN" to Jenni's beautiful prayer. Amen!!!!

    Kristina in GA

  7. We are so happy to hear that Zac and Evan have arrived and we will continue to pray that the strength and peace of Christ abide with you all
    Sherrie & Graham

  8. oh congrats!!!!!!

    i will so pray for you and your boys!

  9. Oh Heather, congratulations on your miracles! I will be keeping you, your husband and your sons in my prayers.
    In Christ,

  10. Heather---covering you in prayer friend! And those sweet little boys, well, they are just lifted up to God on a continual basis! Can't wait to hear an update, and see pictures.

    Love Annie (aka anne)

  11. Heather and Brett--
    Congratulations on your wonderful little boys! We are praying hard over here that they both stay strong and healthy! I'm so sorry for the scary delivery...and for Zach's troubles. This must all be so difficult and exhausting, physically and emotionally! Lifting you up in prayer often and can't wait to see those pics!
    Love in Him,
    Laura (lily)