I am still confident of this:
I will see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living.
Wait for the Lord;
be strong and take heart
and wait for the Lord
Psalm 27: 13-14

Monday, February 16, 2009

Panic and Answered Prayers!

Good grief...talk about ENOUGH ALREADY!!! Last night my nurse came in to "warn" me that I was going to have another blood draw to check my platlettes again. They were low yesterday morning and if they remained low I may require a transfusion! This was for fears of my blood not being able to clot properly. She said it was just talk at that time, but she wanted me to know what they were doing in case no one explained it to me. My heart sank, and I immediately felt defeated again. I couldn't believe I was facing another "glitch". Apparently my platelettes have been doing this all week...down, up, down,up. But last night was the first time I heard about it. So the lab tech came and drew my blood. Brett was with me as it was in the evening, and he stayed and we waited for about 3 hours. It was past midnight and still no one had come to talk to us. So finally I got him to go ask my nurse. She felt SO BAD...she didn't realize Brett was still here with me. She told us my blood work came back and the platelettes had risen again, so they were just going to leave things until morning. Poor Brett! We were both so tired and I was just so overwhelmed in that waiting period. But as the time went on, I realized I shouldn't be angry. I shouldn't be questioning God as to why this was happening. I should be THANKING Him that the doctors have been watching me so closely so as to prevent any really BIG issues! I came to the conclusion that if I should need this transfusion, it was for MY GOOD...not as a downfall. My wonderful brother had also called me with info he found online about this and after hearing what he read...I felt so much better. The issue I face with low platelettes is that because I am a c-section if my blood wasn't clotting properly I could have bigger issues myself! All this time I've been soooo focused on the boys and what could go wrong for them that I never stopped to think about anything regarding myself!! So now I am thankful for such a close watch by my medical team...and thankful to God for having them catch this. This morning the resident came in and said they aren't sure as to why I'm dealing with this. Apparently it is a common thing, but more so at the end of a pregnancy. And I have NO history of any blood disorders, no family history, I haven't been sick, my white cell count is perfect so there is no infection involved. I just laughed...so typical! No idea and no answers to what I am going through! Hmmmm, sounds familiar. So they did another draw this morning to check my hemoglobin levels. Later on the OB on call came in and talked with me and explained that they aren't sure why this is an issue and why my platelettes keep dropping and going up. I told her this is so typical of me, and has been the only consistent theme through our journey...no one ever knows why we've had such a struggle. I'm a medical mystery :) She laughed. She said that I'm classified as idiopathic thrombosis...not uncommon, but not so common so early in pregnancy. And because there is no underlying reason for it, they just don't know why it's happening. She explained that the concern comes in because we know I am a surgical delivery with the c-section and therefore they need to be all the more cautious. She explained that normal numbers are 100 and above, and yesterday mine were 50 and then 63 last night. But she also mentioned that she spoke to the resident before coming to see me and my numbers from this morning were....GET THIS...100!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ummmmm, can we say another answer to prayer!!!!!! That's totally a God thing!!! I've come to the conclusion that should a transfusion become a reality...I'm not angry anymore! I want to be healthy and I need to think about MY safety when our boys are brought in to our world! It was just the initial shock of everything, and feeling like I was being slammed with another valley. But this valley doesn't look so dark now that I understand the importance to my own safety! I told the OB that my goal is to be here still waiting when MY doctor comes back next week...and she smiled and said...you look like that is a very real possibility! Things are going really well! I was really bummed when I heard about all this because I had planned to go home for a few hours today on one of my passes, so I thought I wasn't going to be able too. And now I CAN!!!! I called Brett and just said "PICK MY UP AT 2!!!!" Then told him the news. He was so happy! Oh you guys....my husband is the best!!!! Through this whole new scare he was just so positive and strong and so wonderful! He let me just sit curled on his lap crying and then helped me breathe through the rest of the wait to hear the news. We even did a crossword puzzle! We found it quite funny that we were actually able to do a crossword puzzle only because it was TV and movie related! I absolutely adore my husband!! He is THE BEST IN THE WORLD!!!!!! I am very thankful for this answered prayer, and thankful for a God who loves me that much who would guide my medical team to things that need to be closely watched. Even though we don't know WHY the downs and ups of my platelettes...at least they know to watch them! "Praise the Lord! For He has heard my cry for mercy. The Lord is my strength and shield. I trust Him with all my heart. He helps me, and my heart is filled with joy. I burst out in songs of thanksgiving." Psalm 28:6-7 Thank you everyone for your continued prayers!! God is hearing and answering in wonderful ways! **Update** Just saw a GMI doctor (whatever that is...the blood guy maybe?! ) and he went over things with me. Said that they are just trying to rule out any major causes that could be creating this fall and rise of platelettes. They are going to do an ultra sound on my spleen and liver. He didn't think it was to do with my liver because previous tests have been fine. So they will just check my spleen too, because he said sometimes the spleen can chew up platelettes too. Fun fun. He checked my belly and lungs, and asked me a zillion questions all which gave him no help. I asked him about the possibility of transfusion as mentioned by my nurse, and he said that he wouldn't recommend a platelette transfusion. Instead if my platelettes went down again they would give me medication that would help raise the levels. He said too that if it had been from some viral infection that could be a cause for the dip too. I mentioned that Brett had a cold last week, but I never felt a cold or anything for myself. Oh the joys. Yet another medical mystery! Ugh! But he did say that my platelettes were up to 106 and that was good and in the safe range, but they still want to check to make sure they rule out any bigger causes before confirming me as idiopathic thrombosis...in other words...UNKNOWN CAUSE!! With my history...I'm going with that since everything else seems to be unknown :) 1 hour till Brett picks me up to spring me from this joint for a few hours!!! WOOOO HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! I can hardly wait!!!!!!!! Better go and get prettied up!!

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  1. heather
    oh my goodness! i'm so sorry about another mystery !!:)
    you have such a great attitude!
    hang in there girly!