I am still confident of this:
I will see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living.
Wait for the Lord;
be strong and take heart
and wait for the Lord
Psalm 27: 13-14

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Wed Feb 25 - late post

Hi all. For those of you who look for my updates and then feel a moment of worry when I haven't posted...I apologize! No need for concern today...just me being busy, then lazy! So I'll do a quick one now! Things are going really good. My friend and her daughter came to visit this afternoon which was WONDERFUL!!!! Thank you Lynn and Camdyn for a wonderful visit!!!!! :) My mom was also keeping me company this afternoon. She got to tag along for my NST test. The nurse who does these tests told my mom that my boys are show-offs because their test results are always perfect! And that normally babies at this stage aren't so cooperative, but mine have been awesome!! And after todays test results...another perfect reading! THAT'S MY BOYS!!!! Proud momma here!! My regular OB was back this morning. It was good to see her!! I was sitting in a chair with a silly big grin on my face when she walked in and she sat down beside me smiling too! She said that she is so happy with the boys growth and weights and that things are still looking really good, and that she is very happy! So we carry on monitoring and going day by day! I can't believe that in 33 minutes I will be 27 weeks and officially entering the third trimester!!! Who would have thought this 4 weeks ago when I was admitted here at the hospital!!! How can I thank God enough for this amazing miracle!!!!!! I am unbelievably humbled and awe-filled!!! Little fighter boy has begun to reef on my bladder more and more. Especially during the night. And then it shoots pain through my back. It's like he's hitting a nerve. Sleep has become very uncomfortable!! But, I'm happy he is moving around!! Tomorrow I do my 1 hr glucose tolerance test. ICK! Praying I pass that with flying colors first time around so I don't end up having to do the 3 hr one!!! OK, here is a crazy story non-baby related!! I woke up at 2am this morning and couldn't sleep (uncomfortable!!) so I sat in a chair and was watching TV. Out of the corner of my eye I could see fire flames out my window. I thought a house across the street was on fire, but as I looked again...it was a TRUCK!!! On College Dr at intersection lights. Right in my view!! And we aren't talking little engine flames, the WHOLE CAB was completely engulfed and the flames were HUGE!! I didn't know if I should call 911, but I saw a few other cars driving by in the opposite direction so I assumed one of them would call. I went to the nurses station and at first the nurse thought something was wrong with me, but I told her to come see something and we watched the fire. The fire dept and police eventually showed up. Did anyone hear anything about that??? I've been wondering if it was reported in the paper or on the news as to what on earth happened!! It was CRAZY!!!! Well, I really better try to get to sleep since I wake up ever hour or two!! I am tired, but again, being so uncomfortable sometimes beats out how tired I am! Thanking and praising God for another miraculous day with our sons!! Thanking Him for strength and endurance for both Brett and I during this time, and our time apart. It's tough not being able to be home sharing all these moments with him. I miss him terribly!! A few hours a night just isn't enough. But we will get through this, and then will look with unbelievable awe at our children that we've dreamed of for almost 8 years! And all this time apart will be worth seeing in to our sons eyes!!

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